community impact


In February of 2016 I had to give up the tour as I lost my sponsor, the RV service issues, lack of support from my partners and donations, and a law suit were over whelming and my debt was skyrocketing.  After I wrapped up in Texas I headed to Arizona to spend some time with my ill mother, at which time I had two rear tires explode and cause over $17,000.00 in damages and over 60 days in the shop.  I left the RV in AZ hoping to sell it and was unsuccessful.  At some point last year I reach a law suit settlement and was free of the RV but not my significant debt incurred due to the tour. 

In October I moved and have begun to try and start over.  So far its been a very difficult road and my debt is debilitating and often seems insurmountable.  I am working hard to get back my lift pre-tour and get back some sense of normalcy.

I often get asked if I regret the tour.  Yes.  Sad, but true. It was the worst idea ever and lacked the support necessary to move forward.  I do not for a moment regret the time I spent with the charities I encountered along the way.  That was awesome, but the tour ruined me and almost destroyed my entire life.  Its true, no good deed goes unpunished.

For those that did support me, thank you - it means the world to me.